JA1JRK's Antenna

The tower over which 4SQUARE(s) of a top band are constructed for the center Otherwise,
3 Ele Yagi of Low-Band is going up to this tower.
In addition, this 3 element Yagi is shortened by the linear loading system which changes a band by vacuum relay, in order to make an input-proof high.

7Ele CQ for 14, 21, and 28MHz in a right tower.

7Ele CQ for WARC-BAND(18 and 24MHz) in a left tower.

The Antenna Rotor machine stand of a central tower can be lowered now, and does not need to pull up a mast in maintenance of Antenna Rotor, and the case of exchange, either.
Moreover, at the time of a strong wind, the mechanism in which huge 3 Ele is fixed to a tower is also devised.
The typhoon season is reduced and collapsed in tower mountain side in order to protect an antenna group.





左のタワーは WARC-BAND(18、24MHz)用の7エレCQ



The antenna group collapsed at the time  when a typhoon comes. 台風の来る時期に畳み込んだアンテナ群。
WARC-BAND 7ele Quad JA1JRK's Antenna
50MHz-Band Yagi-Antenna 3.5/3.8MHz-Band 3Ele-Yagi Antenna
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